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The only VR platform to truly replicate the patient encounter! Train in over 150 simulations in up to 97 environments with fully customizable patient dialogue.

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SimX by Axes

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Tech of SimX


As an early adopter of VR technology, SimX is the first and most advanced simulation platform in the world. SimX was founded by clinicians, for clinicians and is still operated today by healthcare professionals.

Multiplayer by SimX


An enriching and effective training experience is more accessible than ever with the SimX patented multiplayer technology designed for multiple learners to work as a team in the same space.

Encounters of SimX


All SimX simulated patient encounters have immersive environments with dynamic patient interactions and no drop-down menus.

Marketplace by SimX


The SimX Marketplace hosts the largest library of virtual patient encounters. Anyone from nursing students to advanced healthcare providers can train their own way at their own pace.

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