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PCS Spark

Each PCS Spark scenario is a complete virtual persona with personal concerns, health history, and everything else you would expect to discuss during a clinical interview.

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PCS Spark by Axes

More features

Spark engine by PCS


PCS Speech Engine empowers PCS Spark digital patients to speak for themselves. PCS Spark digital patients can understand over 30,000 learner questions and respond with scenario specific responses.

Robust Exam by PCS


A robust physical exam enables learners to examine their patient from head-to-toe and note any abnormalities they may find in order to form a treatment plan. Customize physical findings in scenario authoring.

Assessment of Spark


PCS Spark provides instant and automated performance assessment of learning objectives at the end of each scenario letting learners know which areas they did well in and which need work.

Model driven AI by PCS


Model-driven physiology brings life-like physiological responses to drug treatments in PCS Spark digital patients. Start infusions, adjust flow rate and administer IM/IV injections after setting dosage.

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