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Athena Table

This exclusive table, allows the virtual dissection of a real body by layers or systems, inside the same interface, allowing the multiplanar visualization of the slices and much more.

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product of Medical Harbour, Brazil

Athena Table by Axes

More features

Mosaic of Athena Table


Mosaic – Opening of many DICOM modes, Anatomic Atlas and Virtual Cadaver, all in only one software.

Cadaver of Athena Table


The Virtual Cadaver is a real human body, that was frozen, sliced into thousands of millimetric pieces,and photographed with high-resolution equipment.

MHKB of Athena Table


Access to MHKB – DICOM library containing dozens of different series, many cases for study and analysis.

Annotations of M=Athena Table


Annotations and measurements directly from the screen. Constantly and automatic software updates.

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