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Crafted for healthcare

Axes Medverse isn't just a company that gives you products; we want to be your trusted go-to for all things related to medical education technology. We know that true dedication goes beyond just talking about products; it means giving you complete solutions that make medical education better. We promise to understand what you need and provide solutions that not only meet but also make medical education even better.

Being in India, Axes Medverse is right where tradition meets the future. India's diverse market is our playground to bring you the latest and greatest in medical education technology.​

Come join us on a journey where old meets new, and technology changes education. Axes Medverse Private Limited—a company that stands for strong values, a promise to do things really well, and a commitment to be your trusted friend in shaping the future of medical education in India and beyond.

All products Axes Medverse choose are crafted for healthcare
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All that you need and some more


Explore body structures and their spatial relationships in high-precision 3D male and female models with over 8,000 structures across 12 systems vividly brought to life.


Made for anatomy visualization and study of medical imaging, and developed for the dissections and study of both anatomies: human and animal. It has visualization, interaction, and analysis capability by using the anatomic Atlas, Virtual Cadaver and DICOM medical imaging. Being the only software with such capability, it offers complete and intuitive solutions for analyzing in details the human body, by using Tri-dimensional or plane exams.


SimX leverages VR to enable the kind of difficult-to-simulate clinical encounters that are crucial for enhancing critical thinking and clinical judgment. By immersing learners in lifelike scenarios that replicate the complexities of real-world patient care, SimX significantly contributes to improving patient outcomes.

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Realistic, reusable and essential medical trainers by


With products meticulously engineered, designed, and manufactured in Moscow, we proudly stand as a premier platform dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality, customer care, and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards. At our core is the powerhouse, a team known as the Super Med Squad, driving innovation and expertise throughout the full cycle of design, development, and manufacturing of task trainers for complex medical training procedures. Join us on a journey where innovation meets precision, and where the future of simulation knows no limits.

What we provide 


Customized product demonstrations

We offer personalized product demonstrations tailored to the specific needs and interests of potential clients. This service allows medical educators to explore the products in detail, understand their applications, and evaluate their suitability for their educational objectives.


Consultation services

We provide expert consultation and guidance to educational institutions, medical schools, and training programs on how to integrate our products effectively into their curriculum. This service may include curriculum design support, needs assessment, and strategic planning to optimize the use of educational technology for medical training and continuing education.


Installation services

Based on the client's specific needs and objectives, we develop a customized lab. This may include recommendations for equipment layout, workstation configurations, and integration of technology solutions such as virtual simulators, anatomical models, or interactive learning tools.


Creation of educational


We assist clients in creating engaging and informative educational content using the company's products. This could involve providing templates, guidelines, and resources for developing interactive learning modules, virtual simulations, or other educational materials tailored to different medical disciplines and learning objectives.


Technical support and


This includes training sessions for administrators, instructors, and students on product usage, troubleshooting assistance, software updates, and maintenance to maximize the value and impact of the technology investment.

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At our core, we're all about simplifying the complex, making learning accessible, and transforming medical education.

Empowering professionals to learn, practice, and excel in saving lives.

Rupesh Kumar Jha

CMO, Axes Medverse

Behind the scenes of promotional efforts shows the effort of Axes and its partners to Bring Our Future to Present. #ThePresentFuture

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