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Axes Medverse/Advance simulations



Enhanced CPR Training with optional distance learning, all in one easy to use, easy to deploy system.

  • Hands-only CPR training aid uses real-time feedback to master chest compression.

  • Compression conditions similar to a human chest

  • Accurate real-time feedback on the key elements of chest compression

  • Optimized product specifications for individual training and practice

  • Makes sound when the appropriate compression depth (2 in. Ð 23/8 in.) and recoil (less than 3/8 in.) are applied

  • Successful compression Ñ depth, recoil, rate Ñ makes LED lights flow

  • Feel a vibration that simulates a heartbeat by repeating proper chest compressions

  • Auto shutoff after 40 seconds of inactivity.

Product components:

  • 1 software license for a monitor/device

  • Hardware (frame, carry case, cables)

  • Sensors: CPR feedback

Not included/must purchase the following separately:

  • iPad Pro 12.9” (5th Generation 2021, 128GB min)

  • iPad 10.2” (9th Generation 2021, 64GB min)

  • iPod 4” (7th Generation 2019, 32GB min)

Dimensions: (24 inches long x 15.75 inches wide x 11.5 inches high).

Sh. wt: 15.65 lbs or 11.57 lbs without Apple hardware.

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