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Axes Medverse/Advance simulations

A full-body, untethered patient simulator with manual real-time speech and built-in audio-visual recording capabilities for affordable, on-the-go simulation. No control center required.

Key features:

  • Scenario-driven, instructor-controlled

  • Facilitate patient learner communication via internal microphone and speakers in real-time

  • Model-driven physiology with pharmaceutical treatment simulations

  • Virtual AED/Pacing and 12 lead ECG

  • 5-year warranty

Ideal for training nurses, medical students, and patient care personnel from anywhere to:

  • Build critical thinking, decision-making & priority-setting skills

  • Perform patient physical assessment

  • Evaluate vitals and waveforms with a simulated patient monitor

  • Create automated performance assessment of learning objectives

  • Maintain treatment plan with customizable labs and medical orders

  • Practice procedures such as I.V. administration, catheterization, and airway management

  • Assess advanced life support performance with CPR Metrics

  • Live stream and/or record patient perspective during simulated events

Weight: 45 lbs. (20 kg) Height: 5 ft. 1 in. (1.55 m).

Sh. wt. 67 lbs. (30 kg).

Sh. dimensions: 41” H x 19.5” W x 15” D.

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