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with virtual cadavers and highly immersive VR data
Athena Table
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Beyond just cadavers
Athena Table stands out as the sole fully segmented real human 3D anatomy system, enabling users to visualize human anatomy with the same fidelity as they would on a freshly dissected cadaver. It meticulously reconstructs individual anatomical structures in precise 3D, resulting in an unparalleled level of accuracy and realism that can be dissected and examined interactively. The platform presents anatomy in a fully interactive, life-sized touch screen format and in Virtual Reality, offering a unique opportunity to explore and learn about human anatomy in ways that go beyond the capabilities of traditional cadavers.
Dive into the metaverse with Athena Table
As per the evolution of our medical education system, humans have progressed from traditional textbook learning to hands-on experience with cadavers. Subsequently, we embraced virtual platforms to enhance our understanding of anatomy. Now, with the advent of advanced technology, the anaxes platform offers an exciting opportunity to integrate virtual anatomy table learning into the metaverse.
upto 100 users in real time metaverse*
*additional purchase option with anaxes tables
True form of Cadaver
In our medical education system, we uphold the use of authentic human tissue data sourced from the Visible Human Project in the USA. Unlike other companies, we prioritize the integrity of the data and refrain from incorporating extra animations or alterations to make it artificially appealing. Our commitment is to present cadavers in their true form, recognizing the inherent beauty and educational value they possess.
anaxes anatomy table
High-fidelity 3D model with complete male and female anatomy, whole body systems and regions ready to be explored at detailed, close-up view.
Intuitive UI
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Virtual Dissection Table
Cell structure and microanatomy
Human development
anatomy table veterinary data
Loaded with veterinary Data
and much more.
3D Anatomy Table
Anaxes Surgical planning on Anaxes Anatomy Table
Medical Education
Surgical Planning
Clinical application of 3D Anatomy Table
Clinical Practice
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