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Axes Medverse/Advance simulations

The first Patient Communication Simulator that sees, listens, and responds using artificial intelligence (AI). ALEX is an untethered, on-the-go patient simulator. Simply unpack, and you’re ready to train – anytime, anywhere (Wi-Fi required). Speaks and understands English, French, and Spanish. ALEX learns new languages all the time so it can help train more learners all around the globe.

Key Features:

  • 5-year simulation log archive

  • Iris Cam livestream with unlimited recording

  • Speech recognition with unlimited questions

  • 5-year warranty

  • Built-in microphone and speakers

  • Patient monitoring with vitals and waveforms

  • Intubation – oral, nasal and digital

  • Scenarios included with customizable patients

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) voice responses

  • Cloud-connected and accessible from all devices

  • Scenario-driven, instructor-controlled

  • 8-hour battery life

  • Build critical thinking, decision-making & priority-setting skills

  • Perform patient physical assessment

  • Evaluate vitals and waveforms with simulated patient monitor

  • Practice I.V. administration, catheterization, airway management

Weight: 45 lbs. (20 kg)

Sh. wt.: 67 lbs. (30 kg)

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